Caesar Ate Hot Dogs?

Most people believe that the hot dog was invented some time in the 1800s. However here is a little known fact that you were not taught in history class; Emperor Nero Claudius Caesar’s cook, Gaius in 64 A.D. accidentally forgot to clean a pig before roasting and discovered the intestines puffed, hot with air. He then stuffed with ground venison, ground beef, cooked ground wheat and spices and brought the sausage into history.

In 1484 the frankfurter was developed in Frankfurt, Germany. However there is also a possibility that credit should be given to Johann Georghehner, a butcher from Coburg, Germany, who later introduced it to Frankfurt.

The frankfurters arrived in New York with German immigrants in the 1860’s and were sold from pushcarts in New York City’s Bowery. In 1880 a German peddler, Antonoine Feuchtwanger started selling sausages on the streets of St. Louis, Missouri. At that time, the sausage wasn’t encased in a bun and Feuchtwanger provided people with white gloves to keep them from burning their hands. Customers often kept the gloves for themselves which was not very profitable for Feuchtwanger; finally his wife came up with the idea of a split bun. Feuchtwanger’s brother– in-law, who was a baker made long soft rolls that fit the sausage and so the hot dog and bun were born. He called them „red hots.” People found that this food was convenient, delicious and fun to eat.

In 1893 it became popular at baseball parks. This tradition was begun by the owner of the St. Louis Browns major league baseball team, Chris Von de Ahe. So there is the brief history of America’s favorite food, as with most great inventions it all started by mistake. Just a side note: Americans consume the most hot dogs between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Check out how we do hot dog catering: just the best N.Y. and Chicago dogs on the west coast.


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