The Hot Dog Guy, And The Recession

The Hot Dog Cart

The Hot Dog Cart

Once upon a time, not long ago there was a guy, who had worked a good many years as a car salesman. Lately he had come to dislike his work.  It was not rewarding, his boss was never happy, and there was always pressure and stress. But he stayed with it because the money was good, and he had a family to support.  Until, one day, this man decided he had had enough. Because of hard economic times people were not buying cars and so his paycheck got smaller and smaller and he quit.

He took some money out of his retirement, and of all things bought a hot dog cart. Most of his friends and former co workers were not too sure about his decision, but his wife and family supported him and he went for it. He did all the research he could and got the best hot dogs he could find. He always made sure they were fresh and hot and he always had plenty of fresh ketchup, mustard and onions. His cart was new and clean and he kept it that way.


From day 1 his business grew, it seems with the recession people were looking for a good deal; they no longer went to the fancy places for lunch, they liked going to the hot dog cart because it was clean and easy to get to, and they always got  their order fast and hot. It didn’t take long before he was making the same kind of money he was at his job. Only now he had no boss, no stress, and best of all he didn’t have to dress up for work!


Now the hot dog guy has a couple of carts; one for catering and one for his home town location. Who would have thought you could make living selling hot dogs! The morale to the story is you can live with a recession or create your way out.

To see how the hot dog guy is today check out hot dog catering


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