Hot Dog Vendor bites back with petition

Controversy is heating up over a Yuba City, Ca. hot dog stand.

Until Monday, Paul Kaiser had sold a variety of hot dogs from Fat Daddy’s Frankfurters near the Town Center for about a month. But Yuba City revoked his permit after a series of complaints that led to the re-examination of city codes.

“What’s happening is archaic, that someone can call and stop free enterprise,” Kaiser said.

The underlying issue is whether that type of use is appropriate in the downtown, said Aaron Busch, director of community development. Fat Daddy’s Frankfurters’ permit was issued in error because the use is not consistent with the Central City Specific Plan. The plan, which was last updated in 1992

and is specific to the general downtown area, states that food services are conditionally permitted and only within enclosed buildings.

But the vendors section of the Municipal Code gives an exception when a permit is issued by the Police Department. That is how Kaiser obtained his permit.

“Is that our fault?” Busch said. “Absolutely. We had an old ordinance in place.”

One call to the city came from Willem Vonk, the owner of nearby Has Beans coffeehouse. He, like others, inquired about the legality of Kaiser’s cart when other vendors’ requests had been denied. Vonk also sees Fat Daddy’s Frankfurters as unfair competition.

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For the complete story go to the appeal democrat

To help Paul keep his business sign the petition

Test Your Hot Dog Trivia

1. Name the only Major League Baseball ballpark that sells more sausages than hot dogs per season?

a. Yankee Stadium in New York
b. Wrigley Field in Chicago
c. Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles
d. Miller Park in Milwaukee

2. Who, when transitioning from the silent screen, uttered “hot dogs” as his or her first ever on- screen words?

a. Charlie Chaplin
b. Mickey Mouse
c. Greta Garbo
d. Groucho Marx

3. What is the average weight, fully loaded, of a baseball park hot dog vendor’s bin?

a. 40 lbs
b. 100 lbs
c. 10 lbs
d. 25 lbs

4. Which of these four artists DOES NOT have a song titled “Hot Dog?”

a. Perry Como
b. Elvis Presley
c. Three Dog Night
d. Led Zeppelin

5. According to a NHDSC poll, which player (past or present) would win a virtual hot dog eating contest?

a. John Kruk
b. Tommy Lasorda
c. David Ortiz
d. Babe Ruth

6. In a popular TV series, who offered Ms. Rhode Island a hot dog during a Yankee game?

a. Homer Simpson
b. Jerry Seinfeld
c. Joey Tribiani
d. Norm Peterson

7. What famous movie character uttered the phrase, “Nobody, I mean nobody, puts ketchup on a hot dog?”

a. James Bond
b. Dirty Harry
c. The Terminator
d. Jason Bourne

8. Who said that hot dogs and champagne were among their favorite foods?

a. George Bush
b. Marlene Dietrich
c. George Foreman
d. Jane Fonda

9. True or False. Hot Dogs are included as a menu item at the Vatican.

10. Which blonde bombshell was named Miss Hot Dog Month early in her career?

a. Kim Basinger
b. Jayne Mansfield
c. Lauren Bacall
d. Nicole Kidman

11. Which city’s hot dog has the most toppings?

a. New York
b. Philadelphia
c. San Francisco
d. Chicago

12. What kind of hot dog does Tatum O’Neal refuse to eat at the diner in 1973’s “Paper Moon”?

a. Corn Dog
b. Chicago Dog
c. Coney Island Dog
d. Chili Dog

13. What is the name of the popular children’s book series that features a Hot Dog superherosent down from the planet Dogzalot to protect the Earth from evil space-alien attacks?

a. The Hot Dog and Bob Series
b. The Adventures of Super Dog and Friends
c. Mighty Dog
d. The Super Frank Chronicles


1. D. Out of all 30 MLB parks, Miller Park in Milwaukee is the only one in which sausages outsell hotdogs per season. Miller Park is home to the famous “Sausage Race” during each game.

2. B. The first words Mickey Mouse ever uttered in a cartoon were “hot dogs” (in “The Karnival Kid, 1929). The cartoons he was featured in were silent ones up until that point.

3. A.
A fully loaded bin weights approximately 40 pounds. And vendors typically walk 4 to 5 miles per game, up and down steps. They move fast – they work on tips and commission!

Although they have “dog” in their name, Three Dog Night never recorded a song titled “Hot Dog.”

5. D.
The Great Bambino crushed the competition with 42 percent of the vote. John Kruk finished in second with 17 percent. Legend has it the Babe gorged himself on a dozen to 18 hot dogs before blacking out on a train ride in April of 1925.

6. B.
During “The Chaperone” episode of Seinfeld, Jerry offers Ms. Rhode Island a hot dog to which she declines, and says that she is watching her weight. Jerry replies, “Ah. I’m watching my height. My doctor doesn’t want me to get any taller.”

7. B.
Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry uttered this line in “Sudden Impact,” the fourth film in the Dirty Harry series.

8. A.
Marlene Deitrich was famous for her preferred meal of hot dogs and champagne over anything else.

9. TRUE.
Holy hot dog it’s true! Visitors can purchase a hot dog at the Vatican Snack Bar.

10. B.
Jayne Mansfield was the lucky winner and proud to represent everyone’s favorite All-American food in 1950.

11. A.
The Chicago dog includes yellow mustard, dark green relish, chopped raw onion, tomato slices.

12. C.
Tatum O’Neal’s character Addie emphatically refuses to eat a Coney Island Dog purchased for her by her father during one of the early scenes of the movie. This performance contributed to her eventual Oscar win at the ripe old age of 10.

13. A.
The Hot Dog and Bob Series, featuring a talking hot dog and an ordinary boy named Bob, is a favorite of beginning readers.

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