Hot Dog Vendor bites back with petition

Controversy is heating up over a Yuba City, Ca. hot dog stand.

Until Monday, Paul Kaiser had sold a variety of hot dogs from Fat Daddy’s Frankfurters near the Town Center for about a month. But Yuba City revoked his permit after a series of complaints that led to the re-examination of city codes.

“What’s happening is archaic, that someone can call and stop free enterprise,” Kaiser said.

The underlying issue is whether that type of use is appropriate in the downtown, said Aaron Busch, director of community development. Fat Daddy’s Frankfurters’ permit was issued in error because the use is not consistent with the Central City Specific Plan. The plan, which was last updated in 1992

and is specific to the general downtown area, states that food services are conditionally permitted and only within enclosed buildings.

But the vendors section of the Municipal Code gives an exception when a permit is issued by the Police Department. That is how Kaiser obtained his permit.

“Is that our fault?” Busch said. “Absolutely. We had an old ordinance in place.”

One call to the city came from Willem Vonk, the owner of nearby Has Beans coffeehouse. He, like others, inquired about the legality of Kaiser’s cart when other vendors’ requests had been denied. Vonk also sees Fat Daddy’s Frankfurters as unfair competition.

Hot dog vending has helped alot of people survive this resession, Me included. Here you can find out more about hot dog catering.

For the complete story go to the appeal democrat

To help Paul keep his business sign the petition


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