Emotional Hot Dog Vendor Pleads Case

Hot dogs were not on the menu Tuesday night, but they took up a good chunk of the Yuba City City Council’s meeting.

Paul and Natalie Kaiser, owners of Fat Daddy’s Frankfurters, and several residents and business owners addressed the council during public comment about the city’s laws about mobile food vendors.

Council members could not respond or take action because the topic was not on the agenda, but they will discuss the issue at the Aug. 4 meeting.

Yuba City informed the Kaisers earlier in June that their mobile hot dog cart violates the Central City Specific Plan and revoked their permit. They had received the permit to operate under the city’s Municipal Code, which allows for mobile units by permission from the police department.

While city staff investigates other cities’ laws and identifies possible options for Yuba City, Paul Kaiser said his life hangs in the balance.

“What am I going to do for four to six weeks? They’re not going to pay my mortgage,” he said. “It’s our livelihood. It’s how I care for my family.”

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