Hot Dog Vending: America’s Dogged Pursuit

Well most people have read about it in the Wall Street Journal. Seems with the current economy people are spending their retirement or savings and jumping into the hot dog business. If this sounds like a great idea to you please read on.

If you are tired of the rat race or need a little extra income then maybe hot dog vending is a great idea or is it? There are quite a few web sites out there that will sell you complete plans on how to build your own cart and start your hot dog empire for as little as $50. And most of these guys have never been in the hot dog business! But as a hot dog guy myself I must warn you.

Before you jump in head first with starting your own hot dog business, please listen to someone who is in the business. It is not that easy, no it’s not rocket science but you need to check into a few things before you spend those fifty bucks or several thousand. Not all carts will pass your local health dept. What might pass in one state or county will not pass in another. Then you need to check into your local city, will they allow you to have a hot dog cart in that city? Your cart may pass the health dept. but if you can’t get a permit to operate in the city the permit is useless.

Ok so you have a cart that passes, you have a permit from the city, you have your insurance, and you have a commissary (a place to store your cart and prepare food). You still need 3 other items: Location Location and Location. Without a good location you could find yourself with your cart and no customers. Research the area you are thinking about and ask questions.

You know what else I see on the internet? Loads of “almost new” hot dog carts for sale. People who have gone all out bought the farm so to speak and found out that they could not operate a hot dog cart in their city. It is a great business; you work for yourself, make good money, and have fun! Just get all the info you can first.

If you want more info or have questions I can be found at Hot Dog Catering.


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