Hot Dog Vendor Victim Of Hit And Run



Edwin Padilla a hot dog vendor in Bethlehem, Pa. was struck by a vehicle in front of the law office of Eric Dowdle  Monday afternoon between 3:00 and 3:30 said Padilla’s attorney Eric Dowdle.

Dowdle says he and Padilla had been meeting discussing Tuesday night’s Bethlehem City Council meeting, where council is scheduled to consider permitting vendor carts on city sidewalks.

Dowdle says Padilla left the office and was crossing the street when a maroon car, possibly a Ford, came through and struck Padilla, and then fled the scene.

Dowdle says Padilla suffered a leg injury and was taken to the hospital

Padilla had developed a following in Bethlehem for his secret hot dog sauce.

But the established eateries along 4th Street in Bethlehem are a bit less enthusiastic about Edwin’s presence.

Dozens of restaurant owners signed a petition given to the city basically saying that even if it’s legal, it’s simply not fair to let someone pull up a cart on a metered parking space and take their business.

And now, city officials are not allowing Edwin to renew his 10-day parking permit for the space.

“I got every permit that I needed. I got insurance, I got everything required by the city. They’re giving me a hard time; I don’t know what else to do,” Padilla said.

The City Council will hold a public meeting Tuesday night and the hot dog stand is on the agenda.

You think the restaurant owners put a hit on the hot dog guy?

Hot Dog Catering


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