Community Supports Man Who Had His Hot Dog Cart Stolen

A couple of weeks ago in another post, I told you about a small business man who had his hot dog cart stolen. I have  an update:

Fred’s Franks was back at its usual spot along Route 303 on Wednesday, as Fred Martucci re-opened the business that had disappeared when his hot-dog trailer was stolen two weeks ago.

Police have not yet found the 10-foot-long, 7-foot-wide stainless steel trailer that once was his business, Martucci was able to open temporarily, using a pushcart, like what you see in NYC.

Donations from a couple touched by his misfortune which left Martucci, 54, of Emerson, N.J., with no income and no means to support his family. His situation was dire to the point that he borrowed money recently just to make his mortgage payment, he said last week.

After reports of the missing trailer appeared through out the internet this month, concerned people from as far away as Dallas called in with trailer spottings and offers to help Martucci get back on his feet.

“I was amazed and overwhelmed by the support of so many people calling in,” Martucci said. “They offered everything from pushcarts to building space.”.

Martucci said he received about a dozen offers from local residents willing to help but finally settled on an offer from Stephen and Tina Coutsourakis, a New Rochelle couple who distribute Sabrett hot-dog products in Westchester and Putnam counties through their company, Stina Provisions Inc.

Stephen Coutsourakis supplied Martucci with the pushcart, then contacted the Sabrett company, which agreed to provide hot dogs, buns and many of the other condiments needed to run a hot-dog stand.

“It wasn’t like his car got stolen. He lost his whole business,” Stephen Coutsourakis said. “I had the resources to do something, and that’s why I did it. I would hope that if it happened to me one day, someone would help me out.”

Martucci said he’s been in talks with his insurance company about filing a claim for the trailer, valued around $25,000, but was unsure of how long the process might take.

He said he would likely use the Coutsourakis family’s pushcart for two to four weeks. Martucci said he was excited to be back on the street. “It’s just really amazing,” he said. “This is my spot. This is where I want to be.”

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Hot Dog Condiments That Can Be Healthy

Chicago Hot Dog

Loaded With Condiments: The Chicago Hot Dog

Condiments, the ingredients that give a flavor boost to your hot dog, may also give your body a boost.

When you think health, you probably never think up images of French fries or hot dogs. But even those guilty pleasures can come with a surprising health benefit — the toppings.

In ketchup, for example, lycopene is the antioxidant compound that gives tomatoes their bright red color. It’s also considered an anti-cancer agent, and Guards against aging of the skin. Organic ketchup can contain up to three times the lycopene of conventional ketchup.

Mustard also packs a great nutritional punch. That’s because mustard contains mustard seeds, which are in the same family of foods as broccoli and cabbage. The seeds are a strong anti-cancer agent and may also help reduce symptoms of asthma and arthritis.

Top your hot dog with sauerkraut. The fermented cabbage is low in calories and loaded with helpful bacteria for your digestion

Next time put a little heat on your hot dog by trying some hot sauce. That same thing that makes you sweat also increases your metabolic rate slightly.

Stop by your local hot dog cart, pile on the condiments and enjoy the health benefits!

Hot Dog Stand Art At The Queens Museum

Depression era hot dog guy

Working Stiffs… thats one of the art collections  now at the Queens Museum in NYC through November 14th. 

 Fifty photographs have been selected from the permanent collection of the Queens Museum of Art to articulate what it is to work, cross-culturally and geographically, throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. An extensive range of images highlight contemporary artists such as Sylvia Plachy, Pedro Meyer and Dulce Pinzon whose insightful works reveal the visages of laundry attendants, tailors, servants and even Hot Dog Vendors with both intelligence and humor, to 19th century anonymous photographers documenting the daily life of the trades in Europe, the United States and the Far East.

The above photo was taken by Depression-era photographer Berenice Abbott

Times have changed! look at what a hot dog cart looks like now.

New App For Iphone Makes For A Fast Party

Some University of Texas students have created a unique app for your iPhone that’s merging social networking and deals at local businesses, such as restaurants in your local area.

“Our app is all about last-minute get togethers,” said René Pinnell, CEO and co-founder of Hurricane Party.

Pinnell, along with five of his UT buddies, created an app that doesn’t just tell your friends on Facebook or Twitter where you’re at but instead what you plan to do.

“Hurricane Party is all about, ‘I’m going to be there in 45 minutes. I’m going to see the new Harry Potter film, you want to come?’ You can take action on that, get in a car or jump on a bike and meet up with your friends,” said Pinnell.

You can invite just your friends to the Hurricane Party or anyone in the world.

Plus, the app will recommend certain businesses that will offer deals if you create a party at their establishment.

“If you go to those places, you’ll get a Hurricane Party special.

For business owners, it helps bring in customers on slow nights. And they can decide that day if they want to offer a discount, no preplanning.

“That’s the great thing about Hurricane Party and like-minded apps is you can pull a game-time decision,” said Northcutt.

The people you invite find out about the party via text message.

“So rather than sending out an e-mail that someone might not check for six, eight or 12 hours, send them a text message, and they are immediately going to check that,” said Anderson Price, with Business Development for Hurricane Party.

As the guys from Hurricane Party said, “It’s social networking, but you’re actually being social.”

“By the end of the year, every person under 30 is going to be using this app,” said Pinnell.

Hurricane Party is a free download.

The creators make money when people actually buy the deals listed in the app.

As for Bombdiggity Hot Dogs we are checking this app out!

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Hey! Who Stole My Hot Dog Cart!!

 New York state hot dog vendor said his livelihood is in danger after someone stole his hot dog trailer from its usual location.

Fred Martucci, 54, proprietor of Fred’s Franks in Orangeburg, said he had been working at his business for  six days a week for more than a year before the trailer was stolen Sept. 30 from the parking lot of Orangeburg General Auto Repairs, The Journal News, White Plains, N.Y., reported Thursday.

Freds franks in Happier Days

Fred's Franks

“They took my business. They took my livelihood, my means of supporting my family,” he said. “It hit me the other day when I realized that I have no work to go to and no way to make money.”

Detective Sgt. George Garrecht of the Orangetown police said surveillance footage depicts three men cutting locks and stealing the trailer, but rain at the time of the incident makes obtaining detailed descriptions of the suspects difficult.

Martucci said he is in the process of finding out if his insurance company will replace the $25,000 trailer.

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Bombdiggity Hot Dogs Serves At A local Charity

Bombdiggity Hot Dogs At Pacific Beach

Hot Dogs For The Mikey Burke Foundation

Last week we had the privledge to serve up our signature 1/4 pound hot dogs and churros for the Mikey Burke Foundation in Pacific Beach Ca.

The charity was formed by the three brothers of Mikey Burke who tragically lost his life on October 18, 2004 at the age of twenty five.

The foundation´s mission is focused on fund raising events to provide enjoyment to the doners with a focus on providing charitable acts that foster an athletic passion within kids that may not have an opportunity to take advantage of or find passion in athletics.

If you would like to make a donation to the Mikey Burke Foundation, follow the above link. It’s an awesome cause.