Hey! Who Stole My Hot Dog Cart!!

 New York state hot dog vendor said his livelihood is in danger after someone stole his hot dog trailer from its usual location.

Fred Martucci, 54, proprietor of Fred’s Franks in Orangeburg, said he had been working at his business for  six days a week for more than a year before the trailer was stolen Sept. 30 from the parking lot of Orangeburg General Auto Repairs, The Journal News, White Plains, N.Y., reported Thursday.

Freds franks in Happier Days

Fred's Franks

“They took my business. They took my livelihood, my means of supporting my family,” he said. “It hit me the other day when I realized that I have no work to go to and no way to make money.”

Detective Sgt. George Garrecht of the Orangetown police said surveillance footage depicts three men cutting locks and stealing the trailer, but rain at the time of the incident makes obtaining detailed descriptions of the suspects difficult.

Martucci said he is in the process of finding out if his insurance company will replace the $25,000 trailer.

Thanks to UPI.com for this story


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