New App For Iphone Makes For A Fast Party

Some University of Texas students have created a unique app for your iPhone that’s merging social networking and deals at local businesses, such as restaurants in your local area.

“Our app is all about last-minute get togethers,” said René Pinnell, CEO and co-founder of Hurricane Party.

Pinnell, along with five of his UT buddies, created an app that doesn’t just tell your friends on Facebook or Twitter where you’re at but instead what you plan to do.

“Hurricane Party is all about, ‘I’m going to be there in 45 minutes. I’m going to see the new Harry Potter film, you want to come?’ You can take action on that, get in a car or jump on a bike and meet up with your friends,” said Pinnell.

You can invite just your friends to the Hurricane Party or anyone in the world.

Plus, the app will recommend certain businesses that will offer deals if you create a party at their establishment.

“If you go to those places, you’ll get a Hurricane Party special.

For business owners, it helps bring in customers on slow nights. And they can decide that day if they want to offer a discount, no preplanning.

“That’s the great thing about Hurricane Party and like-minded apps is you can pull a game-time decision,” said Northcutt.

The people you invite find out about the party via text message.

“So rather than sending out an e-mail that someone might not check for six, eight or 12 hours, send them a text message, and they are immediately going to check that,” said Anderson Price, with Business Development for Hurricane Party.

As the guys from Hurricane Party said, “It’s social networking, but you’re actually being social.”

“By the end of the year, every person under 30 is going to be using this app,” said Pinnell.

Hurricane Party is a free download.

The creators make money when people actually buy the deals listed in the app.

As for Bombdiggity Hot Dogs we are checking this app out!

Thanks to Austin News for this info.


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